Offering quality blasting, rock breaking, chemical cracking and drilling services.  

Proudly South African.

About Us

BlastWorx DC is a young and dynamic company with experience in various areas of the drilling and blasting industry.  Our range of services includes controlled blasting for rock excavation, drilling, rock breaking and chemical cracking. Two brothers joined forces and had a very clear vision and mission for the company namely, building business relationships based on exceptional service, strict safety standards, high work ethics, ongoing training, detail and above all, a passion for the industry and personal involvement on all levels of the project.  They will also work side by side with assistants and general workers to ensure all aspects are attended to and nothing is left to chance.

BlastWorx DC will get involved in any project no matter how big or small even getting rid of the one rock standing between your new dream home and the builder…  BlastWorx DC has made a commitment to safety, timely service, and quality workmanship. BlastWorx DC, believe in establishing business relationships for life and choose not just to complete a project as yet another number.

Family owned and operated, BlastWorx DC was founded by Cobus Smit who had the privilege of gaining experience and knowledge from the best in the industry.

Our Commitment

We are committed to safety, timely service, and quality workmanship.


Drilling, Blasting
Chemical Cracking

Health & Safety

BlastWorx continually strive to improve our Environmental, Health and Safety System and therefor accepts the responsibility to protect the environment and minimize risks to human health and safety for our employees, clients, contractors and the communities involved in our projects.

We commit to the following health and safety objectives:   

  • Compliance with the legal requirements set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, (OHSA) and Regulations
  • Compliance with the client’s safety specifications
  • All accidents are avoidable
  • Clearly marked and areas and signage indicating different scenario eg – DANGER – BLASTING AREA
  • Safety training is essential
  • Prevention is an integral part of the quality approach
  • Safety ensures client retention
  • Accident prevention is a sensible investment