BlastWorx DC will get involved in any project no matter how big or small!


Drilling, Blasting & Rockbreaking

  • Secondary Rock Breaking and Blasting;
  • Precision Blasting in environmentally sensitive or populated areas;
  • Non explosive Rock Breaking and Demolition;
  • Rock Breaking and Blasting to prepare construction sites;
  • Rock Breaking and Blasting for trenches, dams, swimming pools and foundations;
  • Blasting for road cutting and tunneling;
  • Bulk Blasting
  • Blasting of mine overburden, overhangs and top-soil;
  • Drilling of blast holes, providing our clients with mobile drilling teams;
  • Explosive or non-explosive blasting and mechanical demolition of concrete and other structures;
  • Electronic blasting on request.

Chemical Cracking

  • BlastWorx DC uses the best quality rock breaking chemicals, ideal for rock demolition ranging from boulders to massive granite lifts in the dimensional stone quarrying industry, rock trenching to site development, sandstone, marble, granite and limestone.
  • Whether you are working in heavy industrial, steel, site excavation, or trenching, we understand your application and will bring real world expansive concrete demolition experience to it. From concrete demolition to rock demolition, BlastWorx DC offers a non-explosive, predictable safe and silent demolition solution.

Demolitian & Excavation

  • Our services include total structural building demolition, residential demolition and excavation. All services offered anywhere in the country, from Pretoria to Kathu, Welkom to Tzaneen, Vanderbijlpark to Natal … where ever needed.

Detailed Services

Trench skoon
site work

Pipeline/ Trench Blasting

Trench Blasting is a part of the construction work for the excavation of different sizes of trenches. Sewer lines, water pipelines, stormwater and hi fiber lines.

Precision/Specialised Blasting

BlastWorx compiles blasting plans, exercise vibration monitoring, and execute in sensitive areas Blastworx also do blasting anywhere in South Africa or neighboring countries.

Sitework Blasting 

BlastWorx offers controlled blasting of rock for foundations pile holes Eskom lines sewerage dams tunnel Blasting of rock in residential, industrial, mining plants and communities.

road cut

Utilities Blasting

(residential, buildings, swimming pools etc)

Demolition Blasting

Demolition of any unwanted concrete structures.

Road Cut Blasting

Blastworx offers drilling and blasting on new roads cuts thru mountains, new property developments, and communities.

hand drill

Contract Drilling (Rigg)

Blastworx DC offers various rig drilling options.

Contract drilling (Hand Drill)

Bastworx DC offers various hand drilling options for smaller projects.

Chemical breaking/cracking

Breaking of rock by means of using chemicals when blasting is not permitted. Chemical breaking work mostly on loose boulders and rock with an open face.